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Bolan Jahnsen Dacey Esqs.On July 4, 1996, the founding partners of this firm, Daniel S. Jahnsen and Terrence J. Bolan, declared their independence from their former employers and commenced a practice concentrating in the trial of contested matters before the our State’s Superior and Federal Courts. Their goal was simple; provide a sharply focused, yet resourcefully creative, level of advocacy on behalf of their clients, and by doing so, shock the hell out of their respective mothers-in-law. Mission Accomplished.

What makes the firm unique is that has taken the edge and confidence associated with trial attorneys with hundreds of verdicts under their belts and combined it with a supporting cast of detail oriented attorneys with self described analytical superiority who somehow take all the credit for our results. Truth be told, we have strived to attract and cultivate a unique compliment of attorneys who challenge us, and each other, in their approach to their cases and their craft. No egg heads, no pencil necked geeks. Just razor sharp, competitive, and consummate professionals.

It is not “by chance” that we have collected the troupe of attorneys who comprise the firm. As our biographies clearly establish, not a single one of this collegial band of attorneys has an undergraduate degree that could land them a job as a “paper weight” in the real world. We have Historians, Philosophers, Political Scientists, Economists, Sorcerers, Comedians, Marine Psychologists, you name it!

We understand, too, that we are in a service industry; our clients place a premium on being kept “real time” on their cases. Yet given the stressful nature of the business, we also put our own premium on filling this need with a succinct, humor laced repartee. The firm’s philosophy is simple: give the client the product, make it cost efficient by focusing not on counting your minutes, but on making your minutes count. We have learned how to focus the pretrial process and discern what is needed to obtain the desired results and what is unnecessary, superfluous “over preparation” often done by lawyers who rarely try cases. We abhor “litigating”, a process whereby “litigators” engage in a never ending, often useless and always environmentally unfriendly discovery process only to then recommend a late increase in reserves. While sometimes “litigating” is unavoidable (multi-party cases involving “litigators” are a fact of life, we always manage to provide excellent, cost efficient results to our clientele

We’d love to say the growth and continued success of the firm is the result of some grand design. The fact is that it is more likely due to a tremendous fear of failure. That motivation has not just lead to hundreds of favorable verdicts before juries, but also to our participation in numerous Appellate and Supreme Court decisions which have helped sculpt to law. Our dedication in this regard has also enabled us to enjoy the respect of the members of the bench and our esteemed colleagues of the bar. At the end of the day, we love what we do and the way we do it, and are grateful first and foremost, to the loyal clients we serve.


JahnsenWhen Daniel S. Jahnsen started the firm he benefited from the friendly advice of a local businessman who said, “Son, the true secret of success is to surround yourself with people who are smarter than you,…and in your case that should be pretty easy.” Dan does, however, come with some credentials. Upon graduation from Seton Hall University. he next hopped the #31 bus to Newark where he continued his ersatz erudition at Seton Hall Law. In his first job with an established North Jersey firm, he gained a taste for civil litigation and, lacking any transferable skills, he has remained in that rut ever since. Still, Jahnsen believes “If you’re in a rut, you may as well make it interesting” and, in following his own advice, he has cultivated a clientele who have blessed him with the opportunity to try a wide variety of cases. He has gained their confidence by having amassed more than 200 verdicts before juries and in his participation in numerous Appellate and Supreme Court decisions on issues ranging from evidence, negligence, insurance and trial practice.

He suffers from the delusion that law is actually a creative process ranging from Professional Malpractice, General Liability, Public Entity, Hospitality and Entertainment, Employment, Coverage, Reinsurance Disputes, to Constitutional Law. His reputation as a successful trial lawyer gives him the unique ability to effectuate settlement and/or negotiate innovative high-low agreements in matters that would otherwise involve significant potential for excess exposure. In addition to his courtroom work, Mr. Jahnsen is a frequent lecturer to insurers and claims organizations and frequently consults on exposures nationwide.

Dan has served as board member of the New Jersey Surplus Lines Association, and a member of NAPSLO, DRI, PLUS, and the American Bar Association.

Admitted to New Jersey State Bar and Federal District Court of New Jersey.

Contact Dan at djahnsen@bolanjahnsen.com


BolanThough most of you are familiar with him as a result of his high profile role as a Commissioner for the burgeoning megalopolis of Allenhurst, New Jersey (270 registered voters), in the light of day, Terrence J. Bolan is an accomplished trial attorney. Terry is a cum laude graduate of Wake Forest University with a B.A. in Psychology where he also enjoyed Distinguished Military Graduate status, which helped us Big Time in gaining entrance to the very affordable Golf Club at Fort Monmouth. Noting that the difference between a 12 inch pizza and a Psychology Major is that a 12 inch pizza can feed a family of four, Terry went on to obtain his Juris Doctor from Wake Forest University School of Law before returning to New Jersey just in time to see the Mets win their last World Series. While they haven’t since, Terry is undoubtedly possessed of an extra “Y” chromosome; Terry is a natural trial attorney who lives to be in court. He has tried upwards of 150 cases to verdict. He is recognized by the Supreme Court of New Jersey as a Certified Civil Trial Attorney.Beyond his extensive medical malpractice and dram shop trial experience, he has also tried many complex cases involving products liability, premises liability, employment discrimination and other such esoteric minutiae capable of boring the pigeons off the courthouse roof. Terry lectures on issues ranging from Trial Strategy, Liquor Liability, and Insurance Coverage. Most noteworthy, he authored and presented “Contractual Risk Transfer: Construction of Indemnification Agreements and Additional Insured Endorsements” before the North American Reinsurance Claims Conference and is actively seeking to sell the movie rights on that subject (current E-Bay Bid: $2.13).

Mr. Bolan is admitted to New Jersey State Bar, Federal District Court of New Jersey, Third Circuit Court of Appeals, United States Supreme Court. He also passed the Florida State Bar but has thus far refused to join the “Early Bird” crowd despite being a seasoned member of AARP.

Contact Terry at tbolan@bolanjahnsen.com


DaceyPat Dacey is a cum laude and international honor society graduate of North Carolina State University with a B.A. in Political Science. He obtained his Juris Doctor from Seton Hall University and attended a summer semester in law school at Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland. On account of his nerd-ish first impression, previous employers relegated Pat to the tedium of highly esoteric legal research and the intellectual rigor of complex commercial litigation. As Bolan noted after his interview, “obviously they weren’t playing to his strengths.” Pat’s a trial lawyer, pure and simple, and even though he wasn’t exactly certain of it right off the bat, we were. After kicking and screaming all the way to the courthouse, he found in short order he loved the court room and has flourished there ever since. With about 75 verdicts under his belt and being recognized by the Supreme Court of New Jersey as a Certified Civil Trial Attorney, Pat has developed a loyal following of clients in the hospitality and security industries and has participated in several landmark decisions.Outside of the office, Pat serves on the Board of South Wall Little League. He’s kind of like the Bud Selig of same southern Monmouth County town he grew up in. While this volunteerism is certainly time consuming, the flip side is that it makes Pat look forward to retreating to the relative peace of the courthouse. There can be a lot of drama in baseball.Dram shop, premises liability, negligent security and general liability are Leo’s areas of expertise. Did we just say “Leo”? We meant “Pat” because Leo prefers to be addressed by his middle name of “Patrick” as opposed to his “given name” of “Leo” which he’d prefer to give back!

Admitted to New Jersey State Bar and Federal District Court of New Jersey.

Contact Pat at lpdacey@bolanjahnsen.com


WaltersIf not for the constant cries of “Stick with your day job!” and “Up in front!” we might never have come to know the legal talent of Thomas R. Walters. A musical virtuoso with a natural voice and a face for radio, Tom ultimately succumbed to his passion for law and received his Juris Doctor from Seton Hall University School of Law, where he served as Associate Editor of the Law Review. Undergraduate, Tom attended the prestigious engineering institution, University of Scranton, where he earned a B.S. in Political Science and Philosophy minor. Upon graduating from law school, Mr. Walters clerked for a Law Division Judge in the Superior Court, Essex County. Prior to joining the firm Tom focused on products liability, construction litigation, civil rights litigation, premises liability and general negligence claims, and also served as corporate counsel for a multi-national insurer. While working for said “multi-national insurer” we approached Tom and invited him to be on board with us “day one”. He politely declined the offer preferring the stability of the corporate world and we harbor no ill will against him for this decision. If we had, we would be seen chiding him on this decision and reminding him that said company is now about as stable as a South American democracy. Obviously we felt no need to go there.Mr. Walters is a seasoned trial attorney with over 50 cases tried to verdict. His primary areas of practice are products liability, trucking litigation, public entity, construction litigation, workers compensation, insurance coverage litigation and premises liability. He has also defended charitable organizations, law enforcement agencies and officers against claims ranging from civil rights violations to dangerous conditions of property.When he is not practicing law, Tom is still living the Peter Pan existence as his band “One Punch Nelson” still plays local gigs and is best known for their breakout hit “You gave me the wrong number, but I still call you any way.” Their 8 track can be purchased at Sam Goody and Borders.

Admitted to New Jersey State Bar, Federal District Court of New Jersey and Third Circuit Court of Appeals.

Contact Tom at twalters@bolanjahnsen.com


Shea ConnollyIf you asked Dan Jahnsen “what is the secret to the firm’s success?” he’d probably say “Dan Jahnsen”. If you ask anyone whose opinion really counts, you’d find near unanimity that no one is more indispensible to the firm than Vicki Shea-Connolly. “Why?” you ask. We have no idea! And when you think of it, that’s the true genius of Vicki.Ms. Shea Connolly is a cum laude graduate of the Catholic University of America. She received her JD from University of Denver College of Law where, in all likelihood, she was cum laude too, but chose not to disclose this in her interview here, sensing Jahnsen’s increasing frustration with the academic superiority of every attorney in the firm. Following law school, Ms. Connolly somehow survived a one-year clerkship with the Honorable Alexander Lehrer, a brilliant jurist if there ever was one, but widely known to have a temper which rises in inverse proportion to the descending IQs of those who appear before him. For those unfamiliar, trying a case on the odd side of Judge Lehrer is somewhat akin to going down in a plane crash …and living.After her clerkship, Vicki worked in a real firm for a couple of years before we lured her over here. For reasons she can’t even explain, the larger, more complex cases find their way into her office. In addition to being a master legal strategist, Vicki is uniquely capable of keeping Jahnsen’s ego in check while also making Bolan’s office seem neat by comparison.

Admitted to New Jersey State Bar and Federal District Court of New Jersey.

Contact Vicki at vconnolly@bolanjahnsen.com


SkabinskiKenneth P. Skibinski is our second graduate from The University of Scranton where he received a B.S. in History. As such, he occupies the office adjacent to Walters in the southeast corner where the two are often found sharing lunch watching reruns of The Office. In an effort to add a little color to his bio we actually Googled “Highlights in Scranton.” The first result -and we kid you not- was a hair salon off Main Street near the Steamtown National Historic site. If that wasn’t true it would be a bad pun. After leaving Scranton (the second highlight listed), Ken went on to receive his J.D. from the University of Pittsburgh School of Law. Prior to joining the firm, he did 7 years hard time at a maximum security regional defense firm where he learned the value of negative reinforcement.His move to Bolan Jahnsen Dacey came as no surprise to his astrologer and high school guidance counselor who said he was either destined for great things or to work closer to home. Ken brings with him a variety of experience in civil litigation, General Liability, Products Liability, and Trucking.We’ve been debating on whether to disclose that Ken is an Elvis impersonator. Most of us feel that what he does in his spare time is a private matter, even if it is something as public as donning a rhinestone studded, white, bell-bottomed suit and belting out “In the Ghetto” while distributing sweat soaked silk scarves to octogenarians who have long forgotten the King is actually dead. Ultimately we decided to let Ken have the last word on this, but unfortunately, he has left the building.

Admitted to New Jersey State Bar, Federal District Court of New Jersey, Pennsylvania State Bar, New York State Bar and Eastern and Southern Districts of New York.

Contact Ken at kskibinski@bolanjahnsen.com


TaboadaJudy Taboada graduated from Rutgers University with a B.S. in Public Health and a minor in Art History. For all we know she had a Phi Beta Kappa key, graduated Magna Cum Laude, and was Valedictorian, but with those majors, who cares! Realizing a minor in Art History couldn’t land you a job as a paper weight, she applied to law school, and it was at Seton Hall University School of Law where she took flight. At Seton Hall she was a member of the Legislative Law Journal and also assisted her professor in publishing an article in Harvard’s Journal of Law & Public Policy.We’re not quite sure how Judy found us. We suspect she Googled “Opposite of Public Health with No Interest in Art History” and we were her only hit. Her resume (in retrospect, conspicuously silent as to her college curriculum) was impressive in revealing that she was the law clerk for the Presiding Civil Judge of Bergen County. For those unfamiliar, clerking for the presiding judge is one of the most difficult jobs in the court house. It requires in-depth knowledge of diverse areas of law, a high degree of organization, and personal skills to deal with the demanding personalities of the court house. Talk about needs we had to fill! We’re pretty sure we asked her lots of questions about these virtues during her interview, but the deal was sealed with Bolan’s last question:”What do you enjoy doing after hours?”
“Karaoke!” She replied.
“How appropriate, what could be more ‘minor’ than Art History?”thought Connolly. We think Judy’s professional goal is to be a neat version of Vicki Shea-Connolly. Like Vicki she seems to be a magnet for the complex matter commanding creativity and a passionate application of the law. Her practice focuses in General Liability and professional liability claims.Admitted to the New Jersey State Bar, Federal District Court of New Jersey and New York State Bar.Contact Judy at jtaboada@bolanjahnsen.com


PapaAmy Keseday Papa is the exact person you don’t want to see when you are battling the symptoms of any self-bought illness (e.g. the Irish Flu). Energetic, enthusiastic, cheerful and chatty, she can tax the strength of the strongest analgesic. Forget the Maximum Strength Excedrin, go for a lethal dose and shave off a milligram. On the other side, she brings the same enthusiasm to the handling of her caseload and is a client favorite. You may never have guessed this, but Amy graduated cum laude from the University of Maryland with a double major in American Studies and Sociology. She received her J.D. from Rutgers Law School where she was on the Journal of Law and Public Policy. Her first year after law school was spent clerking for the Hon. Dennis O’Brien in Monmouth County.Always one to set her priorities straight, Amy enlisted her mother as an interior designer the very same week she started. As a result we have an “After-Picture” quality Martha Stewart-esque office with a hint of Versace and just the right touch of Queer Eye accessorizing, in stark contrast to Bolan’s adjacent Before Picture “Yankee Workshop” office adorned with a Mookie Wilson/Bill Buckner autographed photo and a framed “Dogs Playing Poker” lithograph.

Admitted to New Jersey State Bar and Federal District Court of New Jersey.

Contact Amy at apapa@bolanjahnsen.com


PoruchynskyLindsay Poruchynsky (Pronounced “Smith”) is the only person whose last name comes up in spell check more often than Dan’s and for whatever reason cannot be added to “Dictionary” in Word. This is particularly upsetting for this seemingly mild-mannered attorney who’s been known to inadvertently bump into a chair and then apologize to it. Make no mistake though, beneath the velvet gloves are the cold steel hands of a precocious attorney who suffers no fools yet still manages to work for a firm festooned with them.She is a graduate of University of Richmond, with Honors, with a major in Political Science and American Studies with a History minor. Thus she, Taboada, and Papa can spend hours discussing how their qualifications were never much of a topic in the Monster.com classifieds.She next went to Seton Hall School of Law where she earned her J.D. before clerking with The Hon. Daniel Waldman in Monmouth County.She has been active in advocating human rights on behalf of immigrants during law school, and was involved in forming the Human Trafficking Law Society. Ironically, she now finds herself tethered to a desk here and is known to be the first in and last to leave.

Admitted to New York and New Jersey State Bars and Federal District Court of New Jersey.

Contact Lindsay at lporuchynsky@bolanjahnsen.com

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