Q. What the FAQ is a FAQ?
A.  An Acronym

Q. What is an Acronym?
A.  Now that is a frequently asked question.

Q. What is?
A.  What is an Acronym!

Q. That’s what I am asking.
A.  That’s not a question!

Q. What’s not a question?
A.  What you just said.

Q. Are you serious?
A.  Another frequently asked question.

Q. Why even bother having a FAQ section on your web page?
A.  Because everyone does it.

Q. Why do they do it?
A.  Don’t ask me, ask them.

Q. I asked you because I am on your website. Why even bother having FAQs?
A.  Because the Beecham Smith Publicity Agency said they were a good idea.

Q. I never heard of the Beecham Smith Publicity Agency.
A.  That should tell you all you need to know about them now, doesn’t it?

Q. Are you capable of answering a question?
A.  Only if it is frequently asked.

Q. Do fish sleep?
A.  That’s not a frequently asked question.

Q. Do fish sleep?
     Do fish sleep?
     Do fish sleep?
     Do fish sleep? Now is it a frequently asked question?

A.  It is now.

Q. What is the answer?
A.  “Yes,” it’s a frequently asked question.

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