About The Site

Hey there! Welcome to BolanJahnsen.com. We don’t have any idea what your search was, but we’re glad you’re visiting. Before we tell you about the firm, let’s first tell you about the site.

This site made the front page of the New Jersey Law Journal a few years back because it distinguishes us from other law firm sites by being humorous. Truth be told, we were trying to be serious, but hey any publicity is good publicity. We focused on humor because law is stressful enough, and the courtroom is even more stressful, so if you find yourself confronting those realities, you need more than just competence, you need someone who can keep their wits about them and your spirits up. We think that’s us.

Pretty much the only complaint we’ve received about the site is that has to be updated. Okay, okay, we hear you! So we rewrote the firm’s background, updated our bio’s and practice areas, etc, etc. Satisfied?

We also decided to add a few sections. We now have our own “Terms and Conditions” which is our response to the ridiculous terms and conditions foisted upon us by airlines, hotels, rental car agencies. For instance, it we return a car with prepaid gas to Hertz, we want to be able to charge them the same $9.75 per gallon they charge us when we don’t prepay. It’s only fair, right? We are really looking forward to your suggestions and improvements.

Next we added FAQ’s that really answer practically nothing at all, but who reads them anyway? You will.

Finally, on a serious note, we would like to be the first law firm website to have an IN MEMORIUM section. It’s been said that,”… like diamonds, all people are embedded with flaws seeming there for no other purpose than to camouflage the true brilliance with which they are equally endowed” We would like to honor those whose true brilliance enabled them to see through our flaws: People who believed in us before we believed in us; who not only got our jokes, but topped them; colleagues who are no long here to share the journey, but gave us invaluable direction and companionship along the way.

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